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Immune Force Nutritional Supplement
All Natural Stress Defense Formula
Complex Adaptogenic Regulator / Booster
60 Capsules  /  1 - 2 Daily

  • Superior Immune System Support
  • Synergistic-Regulates Immune Response
  • Herbal Immunity Enhancing Formula
  • Boosts Active Immune Response
  • Revitalizes Adrenals, Liver, Glands... 
  • Mushrooms, Herbs, Essiac Tea Formula

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One of the most effective and convenient immunity building supplements on the market!

Immune Force Supplement is AvivNaturals' super blend of the world's most trusted immune regulators and boosters: antioxidants, mushrooms, phytonutrients, beta glucans, adaptogens, pre and probiotics.

Mushroom Complex,Herbs,More enhance your immunity!

Ingredients work together for super immune system support and regulation!!

We want to enjoy life, but often illness interferes, and takes away our option to live life to the fullest. Stress in our busy lives is constantly breaking down our body's natural defenses. No time to relax. No time to eat right. No time to workout. No time to have play. Our bodies are often over-taxed by the stressful lifestyles we lead.

Give your body a fighting chance with the immune strengthening nutrients it deserves to keep you healthy and on track for a full long life.

Give your body IMMUNE FORCE today!


Contains: Graviola, Green Tea, Red Raspberry, Beta-Glucan, Curcumin, Cat's Claw, Garlic, Ginseng, Grape Seed Ext, Pine Bark, Olive Leaf Ext, Essiac Tea Complex, Mushroom Complex (Shitake, Reishi, Maitake), ARA-6 (arabinogalactan) and more.

Shitake, Reishi and Maitake Mushrooms
Lentinula edodes, Ganoderma lucidum, and Grifola frondosa

These mushrooms have been proven to strengthen the immune system by increasing T-cell health and function. Their effectiveness in treating Cancer, HIV, AIDS, and other Immune Health problems has been reported in many medical and university studies, as well as ancient Chinese documentation and anecdoctal evidence.

Shitake Mushroom

Shitake is believed to build resistance to virus, infection, the common cold and macular degeneration by stimulating the production of interferon.

In addition to its famous use as food, shiitake mushroom is prized for its medicinal properties. The active ingredient of shiitake, a polysaccharide called lentinan, has been scientifically shown to have anticancer and antitumor properties. It can also help enhance immune system response and improve overall health.

Shiitake contains eritadenine, a compound which Japanese researchers show may help the body remove cholesterol from the bloodstream. Also, it is the Lentinan in Shitake which seems to increase activity of immune defenses against viruses and tumor cells. Dried and powdered shiitake are often combined with medicinal herbs in Chinese patent formulas.
Maitake Mushroom

Maitake mushrooms are often considered to be the most potent immune-enhancing of all the mushrooms, and current studies are revealing data that may provide hope for those with HIV. Used for over 3000 years in cooking and herbal medicine in Japan and China, this mushroom has been used to maintain health, preserve youth and increase longevity.   

Maitake Beta Pure is a trademarked form of maitake mushroom which is guaranteed standardized to be 22% pure Beta Glucan.

Maitake Mushroom contains a very powerful polysaccharide called beta-1,6-glucan, which is said to stimulate immune function by improving the activity of T-helper immune cells. The US FDA has approved clinical studies of Maitake for advanced prostate cancer. Glucan works by activating the macrophages cells, which trap and consume foreign substances in the body. Glucan is a strong antioxidant. It aids in the lowering of LDL, and some believe that it is the only true defense against aging.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi promotes health heart function, combats viral infection and is an important support for the immune system. It does not simply stimulate the immune system, it regulates it, having a positive effect on auto-immune ailments and allergies, as well as colds, flu, chronic fatigue syndrome and hepatitis. Reishi activates the immune response.

Reishi is in the most highly rated herb category in terms of multiple benefit and absence of side effects. It is the only known source of a group of triter penes known as ganoderic acids, which have a molecular structure similar to steroid hormones. Reishi has more penes than any mushroom. It has a long history of supporting the liver, lungs and heart.

Reishi mushroom is used by herbalists to stimulate the immune system. In clinical studies, Reishi has been shown to increase antioxidant capacity of the blood and enhance immune response in cancer patients. It has also been shown to stimulate macrophages (a form of immune system cells) to fight infections.

Red Raspberries

Berries are a prime source of ellagitannins, and contain strong phytochemicals, Red Raspberries are at the top of the list. In addition to being a natural antibiotic, the ellagic acid in red raspberry fruit shows anti-carcinogin and anti-mutagen properties. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Red raspberry has been used as a natural folk remedy for centuries. It also promotes healthy bones, teeth, nails and skin and is an excellent antioxidant.

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate Juice Extract (40% Ellagic Acid) is superior quality pomegranate extract. There is scientific evidence that pomegranates protect cellular health. Ellagic acid promotes healthy blood pressure and supports the health of arterial walls. Pomegranate provides minerals to the liver and helps to assimilate vitamin A from food. It increases resistance to tuberculosis and tones the heart, liver and kidneys. Pomegranates are is high in Vitamins C, A and E. It also provides folic acid, niacin, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Grape Seed

Grape Seed (95% OPCs extract) is a powerful antioxidant. Extensive research has shown that grape seed is a great source of OPCs, the antioxidants which help protect cells from free radical damage. GSE promotes healthy circulation and strengthens blood vessels.
Pine Bark

Pine Bark / Pycnogenol (90-95% extract)...The high content of nature's powerful antioxidants, the proanthocyanidins/OPCs, has been shown to combat free radical damage, strokes and arteriosclerosis. Flavonoids and organic acids contained in the bark give this extract extraordinary anti-oxidant wrinkle fighting properties.

Olive Leaf Extract

One of nature's best immune-enhancing herbs is Olive Leaf. It is highly effective against bacteria, virus, and microbes. In extensive testing every virus against which it was used was destroyed or deactivated.

Olive Leaf protects the heart and circulatory system from free radicals, and it may decrease blood pressure and dilate coronary arteries. This herb also has been reported to work against bladder infections, tonsillitis, and lung conditions, such as bronchitis and pneumonia.


This is the active ingredient in the Indian curry spice, turmeric. It is known for its antitumor, antioxidant, anti-amyloid and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin and turmeric are reported to support colon health, help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and improve mental function. To be assimilated into the blood stream, curcumin must be combined with small amounts of piperine, a component of black pepper.


This ingredient helps to support the body's resistance to infection, reduce fatigue and build stamina and stimulates the immune system against the effects of stress. It is said to combat respiratory infections, such as bronchitis and chronic lung ailments. Chinese traditional medicine has used Ginseng to treat heart ailments and to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. There are many claims that it restores memory, concentration and mental clarity. Recent evidence has shown that Ginseng may be helpful in diseases of the immune system, such as HIV, chronic fatigue syndrome and other autoimmune diseases, for this reason it is included in ImmuneForce.




Helps strengthen you body's immune system. Stay well with IMMUNE FORCE!
  • Helps boost your immune system, so it can protect you on a daily basis
  • Rejuvenates tired/weakened organs (liver, adrenals...) needed to keep you well
  • Clears toxins from your body with powerful antioxidants
  • Restores your immune system to a better balance
  • Packed with healing herbs, antioxidants, phytonutrients, mushrooms...

Reviews of IMMUNE FORCE (Average rating: 4.76)

Review by Lesley S.
Lesley S. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"The product is excellent -- not to mention the great price. One satisfied customer with a stronger immune system. Lesley Sussman – Author and Journalist – NYC"

Review by EDWIN T.
EDWIN T. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"Working at a university, being on campus daily, this is the advanced immune protection I recommend and use every day because it works."

Review by Nel M.
Nel M. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"I really depend on Immune Force to kill the “nasties”, especially during flu season!"

Review by Justin G.
Justin G. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"No doubt in my mind that this product kept me from losing my job! My cousin told me about it because we both work outside. If he hadnt given me some of his I would of missed worked and lost my job. Now I keep it on the monthly with Synbio for my gut. Excellent stuff! And I don't even do these things but this deseves it."

Review by Tammy Z.
Tammy Z. gave this product a score of 4.00.

"Snuffles had started when I ordered this product. It came very fast, but i was already sicker when it got here. I took it as directed (2 a day) and was so surprised that I didn't get even worse like I usually do (once this crude starts it usually gets worse and worse and last for weeks). So, by the third day I was much better and over the next couple of days I hardly coughed or had any yuck at all. Really think this works and fast. I will most definitely keep using it."

Review by Anonymous
Anonymous gave this product a score of 5.00.

"Whose reading this will wish to take this ok it work for me because its good."

Review by Ann T.
Ann T. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"I did a review for this product, but I don't see it on here, so just doing a new one. I take several of your products -- very happy with price, quality and results on all. Immune Force is something I have to thank you for again. It has been a struggle to build my health back up from my autoimmune problems -- not having to be sick over and over with new infections has really helped -- continuing to build stronger every day."

Review by Ralph M.
Ralph M. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"Anyone out there looking for a real dependable immune system defense product should consider this a winner. By far and away the very best supplement I have ever taken to build my immunity. Best for price, too. When compared to similars couldn't touch it for the money."

Review by Anonymous
Anonymous gave this product a score of 4.00.

"Didn't think I noticed mch til I realized I hadn't been sick last winter. Pretty good."

Review by Anonymous
Anonymous gave this product a score of 4.00.

"overall health seems to stay good with this so far plus cost is good"

Review by Leonita L.
Leonita L. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"The thing that drew me the most initially was your price (esp discounts you give). Once I started using Aviv products (like Immune Force), I was even more amazed because these products are safe and THEY WORK!! I haven't been sick since I started taking it almost 2 years ago! On top of a good price, I got a product that works great, and I know from researching online that's because of the quality. Love that mushrooms and essiac tea (and all the other AMAZIIING stuff incl expensive ingredients) are in this product!!"

Review by Anonymous
Anonymous gave this product a score of 5.00.

"I haven't been sick all year! Flew thru flu season without a sniffle. This REALLY works!"

Review by Wesley B.
Wesley B. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"My favorite Aviv product is Immune Force. Working at the elementary school, being around sick kids, no matter how many times you sanitize and wash your hands you can still get sick. I noticed when I took Immune Force that I recovered a lot faster and got sick a lot less often than I did before I started taking it. I really love it and count on it!! My younger brother Dillon also takes it. His recovery time is a lot faster from sinus infections and he has fewer and fewer. Also, normally they trouble him for a couple of weeks, but now he's much better in a few days with Immune Force."

Review by Anonymous
Anonymous gave this product a score of 4.00.

"Love it, haven't been sick in months! Get it, you won't regret it."

Review by Anonymous
Anonymous gave this product a score of 5.00.

"good pill not sick"

Review by Joan G.
Joan G. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"I've always had a weak immune system so I thought I would try this product just to see if it would really help. After taking it for several months I stopped thinking it wasn't really doing anything for me. 2 weeks later my I got a sinus infection. It wasn't that the product wasn't working, it was that the product worked so well it actually made me take not being sick for granted. I started taking immune force again and got over it much faster than I normally get over stuff like that. Since then I've been taking it religiously and I very rarely get sick now and if I do it's no where near as severe as it was before. Thank you Avivnaturals and thank you Immune Force!!!"

Review by Mark V.
Mark V. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"Immune Force is a force to be reckoned with! I have not been sick since I first started taking it almost two years ago!! If I start to get the sniffles I just take an exta capsule or two for a couple days and nothing ever develops. I do the same when everyone around me has the flu and I haven't caught it once - amazing! Actually never been this long without the flu or sinus infection. I don't know if its the combo of the mushrooms and other natural immune boosters, but I feel protected year round. I really believe Immune Force is a SUPER product!!"

Review by Anonymous
Anonymous gave this product a score of 5.00.

"I have CFIDS which makes my immune reaction unreliable. I am soooooo excited that I found this product. It works like nothing else! The difference it has made in my quality of life is worth every penny (and more, actually). Thank you!"

Review by John B.
John B. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"This is one supplement you should take everyday no matter what. If you live in a big city like me (Chicago) you need something to boost your immune system with all those people you come into contact with everyday. I can't say I haven't gotten sick since I started taking it but I have gotten sick MUCH less and recovered MUCH faster when I do. 5 stars"

Review by Anonymous
Anonymous gave this product a score of 4.00.

"Good product. Good price. Good results."

Review by Bill C.
Bill C. gave this product a score of 5.00.

"I love this stuff, I haven't had to take a sick day since I started using it. I used to get bronchitis at least once or twice a year. Since I've been taking this stuff I haven't gotten it once and it's been 3 years! Anytime I feel something coming on I just double up on it and it knocks it out in the first round, no more going the distance, lol. Anyways, just saw this nifty review thing and thought I'd let you guys know that this stuff really works. -Bill C"

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